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  • 2024 Program

2024 Program

2024 Program

  • New Technology International Forum
  • Poster Seminar
  • Chungmugong Academic Seminar
  • Ship Technology Weapon Systems Seminar

New Technology International Forum


Satellites and Utilization Technology for Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)

  • When

    2024. 04. 24. WED 13:00~14:00
  • Where

    R.O.K Naval Academy Ungpo Auditorium
  • Panel

    Military experts, university professors, and defense technology experts (6 people)
    Moderator: Colonel Hong Soon-guk (Director of Academic Affairs Planning /TF Deputy Chairperson)
  • Participants

    Key guests, foreign attachés in Korea, defense industry/military officials, cadets, etc.
  • How to proceed

    Expert roundtable discussion
    *Simultaneous interpretation (English) and receiver provided considering participation from foreign military missions
    -Part 1 (5 minutes): Overview of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) (Navy Head of Space Development Division)
    -Part 2 (40 minutes): 6 Q&A (moderator’s questions → experts’ answers)
    -Part 3 (15 minutes): Expert panel closing remarks (no more than 2 minutes per person)

Poster Seminar


Present and future of AI-based manned and unmanned complex combat system

  • When

    2024. 04. 24. (WED) ~ 04. 26.(FRI)
  • Where

    R.O.K Naval Academy Tonghwagwan Education Building 1st floor
  • Award and perks

    Cadets Awards and exemption from graduation thesis
  • Review plan

    Basic instructions
    Comprehensive evaluation results based on evaluation table and judges’s asessment
    Weight will be given when writing in English
    Evaluation factors: Creativity of research topic, suitability for academic research/contest, completeness of research method and content, expected effects of research results, etc.
  • Future promotion plan

    Selection of judges and establishment of standards: 4 weeks in March
    Production of souvenirs (high-quality sports towels) to be given to participants: 1st week of April
    Poster security review and printing: 2nd week of April
    Send an official letter to the Ministry of Public and Infrastructure regarding the production of the certificate of merit and request for cooperation: 3rd week of April

Chungmugong Academic Seminar


Chungmugong and the ROK Navy

  • When

    2024. 04. 26.(FRI) 13:30 ~ 17:30
  • Where

    R.O.K Naval Academy Ungpo Auditorium
  • Participants

    About 700 people, including cadets, faculty, and academic officials

Ship Technology Weapon Systems Seminar


Force-saving ship and manned/unmanned complex combat system design
04. 25.(THU): Luncheon, commemorative ceremony, special lecture, YIDEX exhibition tour, dinner
04. 26.(FRI): 04. 26. (Fri): Paper presentation by domain

  • When

    2024. 04. 25.(THU) ~ 04. 26.(FRI)
  • Where

    Ungpo Auditorium, Tonghwa Hall, Academic Information Center’s Large Lecture Room
  • Participants

    Approximately 800 people involved in ship technology from industry, academia, research, government, and military
    About 700 people attended in 2022 and 820 people attended in 2023
  • Subdivision

    5 domains and planed sessions (total 94 papers)
  • Hosted by

    ROK Navy, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Agency for Defense Development, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, The Society of Naval Architects of Korea
  • Detail

    5 domains and planed sessions (total 94 papers)