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[Navy Academic Event Greetings]

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the change in the war paradigm is accelerating due to the rapid development of cutting-edge science and technology. Accordingly, the Republic of Korea Navy is expanding the battlefield area based on Naval Innovation 4.0 and preparing for future warfare with a focus on AI and manned/unmanned complex systems. This year's Yi Sun-shin Defense Industry Exhibition aims to provide a time for the public, government, military, industry, academia and research institutes to cooperate to share information and communicate academically in preparation for future battlefields.

In particular, at this International Forum on New Technologies, we would like to hold an expert forum under the topic of “Satellites and Utilization Technologies for Maritime Area Awareness (MDA).” Currently, in order to prevent all hostile acts in the maritime domain and reduce vulnerabilities in the maritime domain, the Navy has established maritime information governance using surveillance assets available to the nation, and through this, collects and analyzes all situations and information occurring in the maritime domain. We are trying to process and provide.

In addition, this year, the ‘2024 Ship Technology/Weapon System Seminar’ was held simultaneously to provide an opportunity to present papers in various fields related to ships and maritime weapon systems. We prepared an event to discuss the future by inviting domestic and foreign ship technology and weapon system experts under the theme of “Design of force-saving ships and manned/unmanned complex combat systems for innovation as an elite navy based on cutting-edge science and technology.”

In addition, we provided a venue for cadets to present posters for next-generation maritime security research. By examining the Republic of Korea Navy's manned and unmanned complex systems and related science and technology and development strategies that cadets understand and study, we plan to facilitate communication between generations and use it as an opportunity for more creative research and development.

Lastly, the 2024 Chungmugong Engineering Technology Seminar, which will be held in parallel during the defense industry exhibition, will feature a keynote lecture with the main theme of Chungmugong and the Korean Navy, as well as presentations and general discussions on five subtopics related to Chungmugong.

This event consists of a rich program based on various research and discussions on technology, strategy, and weapon systems to prepare for the future battlefield. We hope that you will participate in various Navy academic events and have time to communicate with the Navy even during your busy schedule. We ask for your interest and support. thank you