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2022 Program

2022 Program

  • Smart Navy Conference
  • New Technology Forum
  • Naval Midshipman Poster Seminar

Smart Navy Conference


In line with 'Defense Innovation 4.0' and 'SMART Navy', the Smart Navy Conference will be an opportunity to discuss artificial intelligence, warship integrated survivability, ICT convergence platform, Naval mobile & underwater construction, issue of distribution and maritime laws, etc.

  • Hosted by

    - Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • Organized by

    - Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • When

    - December 8, 2022 (Thu)
    Session1 15:50 - 17:30
    - December 9, 2022 (Fri)
    Session2 09:00 - 10:40
    Session3 11:00 - 12:40
  • Where

    - Classroom in Tonghae Building, Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • Participants

    - Industrial, academic and institutional researchers for SMART Navy


2022.12.08.(Thu) 406 Large Classroom, Academic Information Center
session1 Warship Integrated Survivability
Senior person present
(in a seated group)
In-hyeok Hwang
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
15:50 ~ 16:10 Seongik Kim
(Seoul National University)
Explosion and Fire Vulnerability Simulation due to Fighter Aircraft Collision Scenario of Carrier
16:10 ~ 16:30 Jung-Kwan Seo
(Pusan National University)
Determining of accidental damage scenario based on the operational characteristics of naval ship with crewed·uncrewed vehicles
16:30 ~ 16:50 Lee, Philippe
A Study on the common components of the civil and navy for the safety assessment of ship occupants
16:50 ~ 17:10 Hyeonae Jang
(Jeonju National University)
Survivability Improvement of Weapon System Focusing on Reliability and FMEA
17:10 ~ 17:30 Hong Changmin
(Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.,)
A study on total survivability design process of naval ship and development
2022.12.09.(Fri) 406 Large Classroom, Academic Information Center
session2 Artificial Intelligence
Senior person present
(in a seated group)
Chang Woo Hong
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
9:00 ~ 9:20 Ji Heon Kim
(Yonsei University)
Vision based fast object surveillance system for structural status analysis
9:20 ~ 9:40 Seongjae Yoo
(Yonsei University)
Deep learning-based gaze tracking for concentration measurement system
9:40 ~ 10:00 Changmin Lee
(Yonsei University)
Multi-dimensional target material tracking system
10:00 ~ 10:20 Changmin Lee
(Yonsei University)
Vision-based posture extraction and tracking algorithm
10:20 ~ 10:40 Chang Woo Hong
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
Performance Comparison of of LSTM and GRU Algorithms in Time-series Prediction with CNN-RNN Network Structure
2022.12.09.(Fri) 406 Large Classroom, Academic Information Center
session3 ICT Convergence Platform
Senior person present
(in a seated group)
Minseok Han
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
11:00 ~ 11:20 Kihyun Kong
(Ansys Korea)
Antenna Placement, RCS and Radiation Hazard on Ships
11:20 ~ 11:40 Kyunghak Lee
(WARP Solution)
Wireless power transmission technology and warrior platform application method using frequency
11:40 ~ 12:00 Jae-Gon Lee
(Kyungnam University)
Beam control in far and near field regions using a metasurface
12:00 ~ 12:20 Kibum Jung
Research on EMP countermeasures and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) safety management
12:20 ~ 12:40 Hyuntae Cho
Lightweight A.I. application based on sound data for early failure diagnostic system of industrial robots
2022.12.08.(Thu) 126 Medium Classroom, Tonghae Building
session1 Naval-related (general)
Senior person present
(in a seated group)
Minkyu Jeon
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
15:50 ~ 16:10 Se-Hyun Park
(Gyeongsang National University)
A study on the disinfecting performance of vehicle disinfecting systems for the wind direction using computational fluid dynamics
16:10 ~ 16:30 Ju-Won Park
(Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
Experimental study on the stabilization of combustion in a gas turbine with external temperature changes
16:30 ~ 16:50 Sung-Hwan Yoon
(Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
Combustion system application technology using an electric field
16:50 ~ 17:10 Min-Gyu Jeon
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
Development of combustion temperature field measurement system using an optical measurement method
17:10 ~ 17:30 Hur Jang Wan
(Naval Logistics Command)
A study on mission-based test and evaluation of unmanned marine systems
17:10 ~ 17:50 Jeong-Woong Hong
(Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
Measurement system of ammonia propulsion ship using TDLAS(Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy)
2022.12.09.(Fri) 126 Medium Classroom, Tonghae Building
session2 Future medicine
Senior person present
(in a seated group)
Soon-kook Hong
(Republic of Korea Naval Academy)
9:00 ~ 9:20 Sang-Heon Kim
Cutting-edge medical technology in the future: regenerative medicine
9:20 ~ 9:40 Ju Hun Lee
(Hanyang University)
Design of bionanomaterial based system via biomimtic approach
9:40 ~ 10:00 Yongsung Hwang
(Soonchunhyang University)
Biointerface: From stem cells to functional biomaterials
2022.12.09.(Fri) 126 Medium Classroom, Tonghae Building
session3 Mobile & Underwater Construction Technology
Senior person present
(in a seated group)
Jeong seon Yoo
(Naval Mobile Construction Squadron 59)
10:30 ~ 10:50 Insung Jang
Development status of Underwater robots for Port and Offshore Structure
10:50 ~ 11:10 Jiyeong Lee
(Yonsei University)
Enhancing pullout load capacity of helical anchor with adjusting load application point under inclined loading condition
11:10 ~ 11:30 Donghun Kim
(Geotech System)
Development and application of Unmanned Survey Vehicle
11:30 ~ 11:50 Junyoug Jeong
(Naval Mobile Construction Squadron 59)
The Mission and Development of ROKN UCT
2022.12.09.(Fri) 시간 404 Main conference room, Academic Information Center
Keynote talk 13:50 ~ 14:10 Young-Hong Choi (Korea University)
A Study on the Overcoming of Galapagosian Distribution Regulations -Focusing on the cause and countermeasure -
Presentation1 14:10 ~ 14:30 In-Hyeon, Kim(Korea University)
Competitive Legal System in the Act on the Implementation of Shipping and Transportation
Discussion1 14:30 ~ 14:40 Dongmin Kim (Sangmyung University)
14:40 ~ 14:50 Doojin Kim (Pukong National University)
Presentation2 14:50 ~ 15:10 Shindong Jung (Gangneung-Wonju National University)
Duty of online platform operators to prevent the distribution of harmful substances
Discussion2 15:10 ~ 15:20 Yeongsoo Sin (Kyungpook National University)
15:20 ~ 15:30 Ildoo Song (Duksung Women’s University)
Presentation3 15:40 ~ 16:00 Kim, Do Nyun(Korea Consumer Agency)
A Study on the Management of Foreign Direct Purchases and Unauthorized Imported Goods
Discussion3 16:00 ~ 16:10 Sin-uk Park (Gyeongsang National University)
16:10 ~ 16:20 Hye-ryeon Jeong (Korea National Police University)
Presentation4 16:20 ~ 16:40 Mi Young PARK(Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency)
Personalized pricing and price fairness - from a consumer protection perspective -
Discussion4 16:40 ~ 16:50 Sehwa Kwon (K Internet)
16:50 ~1 7:00 Sookyung Lee (Pusan National University)

New Technology Forum


The New Technology Forum will be the opportunity for ROK Navy to discuss how to apply new technologies in order to build the Smart Navy. With the 4th Industrial Revolution, the marine defense industry is developing new technologies and new products based on them. Scholars, foreign military members in Korea, and representatives of defense businesses will discuss today and tomorrow of marine defense technology.

  • Hosted by

    - Changwon City Government and Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • Organized by

    - Changwon Industry Promotion Agency
  • When

    - December 6, 2022
    13:00 ~ 14:15
  • Where

    - Woongpo Auditorium, Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • Title

    - Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Effective Manned/Unmanned Combat System Operations
  • Panel

    - Scholars and defense technology experts (6 people)
    * Host : Dr. Hong Soon-kook, Captain
  • Audience

    - VIP, overseas military members in Korea, defense industry/military officials, midshipmen & cadets, and others
  • Program

    - Part 1 (1 hr) : 5 to 6 Q&As (The host gives questions → Panels give answers in order)
    - Part 2 (20 min) : Closing remarks by the expert panel (Time : 4-5 min/person)
    * Simultaneous interpretation and receivers to be provided


Dr. Seungbae Sim (Korea Institute for Defense Analyses)

  • - Research Fellow(Chief)
  • - Ph.D. degree in Industrial Research from Yonsei University
  • - Defense policy/plan analysis expert

Captain Gilyong Park (Republic of Korea Navy)

  • - Department Head, Air/Unmanned Power Department, R.O.K. Navy Headquarters
  • - M.S. degree in Physical Oceanography from Seoul National University
  • - Maritime Manned/Unmanned Combat System Development Expert

Mr. Dong Hwan Kim (LIG Nex1)

  • - Research Fellow of AI and Software
  • - MS. degree in Computer Science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • - IT System professional engineer, Chief Auditor

Prof. Sung-Bae Cho (Yonsei University)

  • - Underwood Distinguished Professor
  • - Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • - Artificial Intelligence expert

Prof. Changick Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • - Professor, School of Electrical Engineering
  • - Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington
  • - Image analysis, Artificial Intelligence expert

Dr. Youngwoo Seo (Hanwha Defense)

  • - Executive Vice President
  • - Ph.D. degree in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University
  • - Defense robots and unmanned systems expert

Naval Midshipman Poster Seminar


This is a poster seminar to suggest applications of new technologies for the Smart Navy. It will be an opportunity for the cadets of Republic of Korea Naval Academy and students of defense industry related departments, who will lead the future of marine defense industry, to share their ideas on policies and applications of new technologies of marine defense industry and how to lead the industry in the future.

  • Hosted by

    - Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • Organized by

    - Republic of Korea Naval Academy
  • When

    - December 9, 2022 (Fri)
    13:00 - 16:00
  • Where

    - Lobby, 1st Fl. Tonghae building
  • Title

    - New technology idea, applicable concept, and naval operation for SMART navy
  • Participants

    - Midshipman


The Necessity of Establishing a Naval Base Overseas through the Importance of Protecting Major SLOC’s in Korea Implementation of LCM Well Dock Entry and Exit Assistance System based on ADAS
MyeongSeok Kang Dayoung Kang / Sangjae Oh / Wansik Choi
Next-Generation Naval Leadership Considering The Characteristics of Naval Vessels Personal Health Care Plan According to the Spread of Smart Watches Among Naval Vessel Crew Members
Minhyeong Kang / Myeonghyeon Park / Mingyu Park / Seokmin Yoon / Jiho Yun Minhyeong Kang / Myeonghyeon Park / Mingyu Park / Seokmin Yoon / Jiho Yun
Legal Discussions regarding the Application of Maritime Autonomous System on Warship A Study on the Conceptual Design of Arsenal Ship for the Development of the Next Generation Unmanned Complex System
Gwanuk Kim / Heeyun Yang / Yeonghun Lee / Namgyu Cho / Yuna Heo Wonmo Kang / Hyeongjun Jin
A Study on the Infringement of China’s Maritime Sovereignty and the Necessity of Improved Response Strategy in Korea -Focused on the Economic and Security Threats Caused by Illegal Fishery Activity of Chinese Ships- A Study on the Cluster Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Doyun Kim Donghyun Kwak / Junbeum Park / Jeongrak Choi
Development of Mobile Apps to Strengthen Military Communication Security Current Status and Improvement Direction of Sonar System of the Republic of Korea Navy
Bomyeong Kim Minjung Kwon / Uisok Yun / Hyunbin Yoon / Hyunseong Joo
Comparison of 'Ukrainian Mechanized Battalion' and 'Russian Battalion Tactical Group' -Characteristics of Each Battalion and Causes of the Russian Force's Failure- Ship Automatic Boiler Operation System Using OCR
Seongyeol Kim Sungjoo Kim / Youngmin Kim / Haesuk Hwang
The U.S-China Hegemonic Competition and Korea's Maritime Strategy Policy Design of Automation System for Handling Excreta of Vessels Using Ultrasonic and Gas Sensors
Seunghyun Kim / Hankyul Kim / Junhaeng Lee Seungju Kim / Daeil Sung / Sejin Hwang
A Study on the Universality and Individuality of Language through the Metaphorical Conceptualization Process of Language Study of Supercavitation Technology for the Acceleration of Underwater Weapon and Research of its Development Trend and Utilization Plan
Jaeyeon Kim / Junwhi Park Eunsoo Kim / Jaeseon Park / Hohyeon Yoon
Correlation between SNS and Competition Rate of the Naval Academy A Study of the Development of Multi-Purpose High Resolution Gas Sensor for Hazardous Material Detection
Jaewon Kim / Kyungmin Kim / Youngmin Jo / Junwon Cha Eunsoo Kim / Jaeseon Park / Hohyeon Yoon
The Dilemma of Manpower and Military Strength Faced by the Navy - With a Focus on the Navigational Fatigue A Study on IFF Algorithm Using Deep Learning
Jeonghyeon Nam / Junghyuk Shin / Wooseok Choi Jinhyeok Kim / Jongchan Lee / Jimin Hwang
Current Status and Purpose of Establishing a Port Network in China and its Implications to Korea Establishment of Discipline Support System through Big Data Analysis of Naval Academy
Haneul Seo / Yeon Jo / Dongheon Oh / Jaehyuk Lee Hongbeen Kim / Seungseop Lee / Sungyeon Jung / Joonsue Ji
Establishment of Korean Cooperative Engagement Capability(CEC) by Linking Unmanned Platforms Research Trends and Recommendations for Quantum Radar for Response to Stealth Aircraft
Junyeong Song / Dongje Lee Hojin Noh
Shell-mounted Drone System Operated by K-9
Kwanho Park
Suggestions for the Development of NCW Performance Capacity of the Republic of Korea Navy - Centered on CEC The Basic Specifications and Conceptual Design of a 3000-ton Ocean Patrol Ship
Jecheon Lee Kwanho Park / Yonghoon Jung
The Direction that Korea should Pursue regarding JDZ Trends in Digital Twin Technology and Cases Applied in Military
Jinho Lee / Gyutae Hwang Sungwoo Park / Seongho Park / Seojin hwang
Development of Handle-type Fire Control System for Personal Firearms to Prevent Gun Misfire Using GPS and MI Sensors
Youngha Yu
Design for Optimal Spydron Production
Seonggwon Yun / Geonwoo Choi
Implementing AI Speakers to Help New Officers Adapt
Gunsu Lee
Review the Possibility and Effectiveness of ESS Embarking on Integrated Electric Propulsion Ship
Inyeong Song / Eunseo Ryu / Hyeanwoo Lim
Noise Mitigation System for FMCW Radar to Improve Performance of Near Field Military Operation
Yeongjun Lee
Autonomous Vehicle Algorithm Application Plan for Each Mission of Unmanned Surface Vehicle(USV)
Yeongjun Lee / Taeho Kim / Hongki Kim
Global Development Trend and Development Direction of Unmanned Aircraft Weapon System
Wonseok Lee / Dongchan Lim
Improving the Living Condition of Navy Crews Using Gyrosensor
Jaehyuk Lee / Yunsung Jung / Jaewoo Jeong
RFID and Beacon to Increase the Convenience of Cadet Life
Minhyeok Jang
A study of Korea Littoral Combat Ship(KLCSX)
Hyeokjun Choi / Hyunmo Yang
A Study on the Trap Corrosion Damage Management System Based on pH Sensor with Corrosion Rate Calculation System
Seungjae Hong / Seojin Lee / Hwanjun Yeo
Development of Midshipman Physical Fitness Test Program Using Artificial Intelligence-Based Technology
Jimin Hwang
Planning and Application of the Unmanned Autonomous Maritime Patrol Plane
Geonha Park / Soochang Choi / Seoyeon Hong
Riblet surface treatment technology for enhanced performance of Surface combatant/submarine
Yonghoon Jung / Jihwan Hwang